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In front of the largest audience Queen of the Whole Universe has ever played to in its 10
year history, Campbell Gordon a.k.a Mia Nosa Lotta Juarez des Catalonia a.k.a Miss Spain
became this year's Queen of the Whole Universe, bringing an end to the very queer beauty
pageant as we know it...

One of the many major announcements that took place on Saturday night, MC's Buffy and
Bimbo revealed that the 10th and last show would make way for the next chapter in the
life of Queen of the Whole Universe - a musical, to debut in 2014 or as early as 2013.

Buffy and Bimbo also announced that the pair will be on TVNZ's Good Morning every Friday
from as Agony Aunts Buffy and Bimbo. QWU, which broke its own Guinness World Record
for the largest drag queen stage show (subject to adjudication), raised $40,000 for various
HIV and AIDS related charities across New Zealand - and bringing the total figure raised
since 2004 to $215,000 - making Queen of the Whole Universe the most successful LGBTT
theatrical event to ever be held in New Zealand.

Such was the eager excitement of 2012's crowd that the sound monitor at around 129
decibels at the close of the opening routine and just over 120 decibels for Miss Spain, Miss
Transylvania and Buffy and Bimbo.

With an incredible performance that melded Lady Gaga into Ricky Marvin, MissSpain was
the unanimous judge's decision, head judge Alison Mau announced after a special
retrospective celebrating the past 9 winners of the festival. Runner up was Miss Vatican
City, Sister Mary Eve Anne Jellicle (played by David Franklin-Ross) while Miss Egypt (Alan
Parata - 2010 QWU winner) and Miss Bali Hai (Mat Hunt) the finalists.

Other honours that were awarded on the evening saw Miss Bermuda Triangle, Candy
Rhea-Pier (Seamas Gormley) win the "Miss Congeniality" award, with Miss Trinidad
(Michelle Pillay) earning a special runner-up award. Boy 4, Johnny Gash (Mel Church) won
Mr. Personality while Miss Portugal (Vic de Bettencor) beat out Miss Egypt and Miss
Tartarus for Miss IBM Pins & Needles. The ceremony also honoured 2007's Miss Morocco
(Owen Anderson) with a "Directors Pick" award - given to a finalist from previous year.

Not normally one to give a comment regarding the results, QWU artistic director Jonathan
Smith chimed in with Saturday's proceedings: "I totally agree with the judge's decision to
award first place to Miss Spain. She contained all the elements I would be looking for if I
was judging the show.
Fantastic set design with quick and effective scene changes, excellent lighting, fabulous
choice of music, used the whole stage including the risers and apron, connected with her
support dancers and audience, a devilish sense of humour, creative costumes and
ultimately what would have clinched it for me, original choreography."

"It's all these elements that make a winner. Although not a judging criteria we must
acknowledge that the set design and building was accomplished by her father and costume
design and creation by her mother. This truly illustrates what is meant by the QWU
community. There was no doubt that Miss Spain was the crowd favourite from the
applause she received during and after her performance."

Queen of the Whole Universe would like to offer a special thank you to their sponsors, key
stakeholders and volunteer cast and crew of over 100.

Photos from QWU Wellington 2011 now available online - www.highlight.co.nz


All rise please for your Miss QWU 2011 - Tsarina Cheyshosa Titzalot, Miss Russia!

A near capacity crowd gathered for the 2011 Queen of the Whole Universe pageant in the
country's capital Saturday, welcoming not only locals but also overseas guests. Those in
attendance included participants from the 2nd Asian Pacific Outgames and international
visitors. The hosts paid tribute to those in attendance from Christchurch and Japan with
the QWU organisers giving away a limited number of free tickets to those from
Christchurch visiting Wellington.

And by all accounts, what a show it was! Hosts Buffy and Bimbo have been quoted as
"enjoying the evening immensely!" and it being "one of the best shows we have been a
part of since QWU started in 2004." Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown was one of the
highlights of the evening; as head judge, she effortlessly worked the stage in a black
sequin dress and boa, stating that "it was the third time [she] had been out today."

The evening belonged to the budding beauties however, as Miss Russia, Tsarina Cheyshosa
Titzalot wowed the judges ahead of Miss Jamaica, Marie Jo'Anna and Miss Heaven, Pearl E.
Gates in a hotly contested competition. After being in the top five in 2010's QWU show in
Auckland, Miss Russia finally walks away with the coveted sash and crown!

In other results from the night:
Miss Italy (Anne Chovy) was awarded "Miss Beauty with a Purpose" for her intelligent
reply to the question "If you won QWU this evening, how would you use your title and
crown to reduce global warming?" Her answer referenced sleeping with the PM of Italy and
donating the hush money to Greenpeace.

Miss MSD Pins and Needles, which is awarded to the best constructed headgear went to
Miss Narnia, Fawn A. Kate

Miss Wanabe, a new award that is presented to a new contestant who has grown and
developed the most, heading towards a drag wanabe, went to Miss Samoa, Tufata Felloffa

The next Queen of the Whole Universe show will be QWU Mega, taking place Saturday 22nd
October 2011 at the TelstraClear Event Centre, Manukau. The event will be the closing act
for the 2011 Manukau Arts Festival and will also be on the eve of the Rugby World Cup

QWU 2011/2012 Show Calendar with bonus month. Features images from the past 7 years
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URGENT UPDATE - QWU 2010 on TVNZ Close Up - worth looking at

08 November 2010 - Congratulations and Thank You
QWU would like to say a huge thank you to our many sponsors, judges, guest performers,
cast and crew and our audience for supporting this year's Queen of the Whole Universe,
our 7th year 8th production. Without this support it would be impossible to bring to the
stage what has become a highlight on the 'queer' event calendar.
Congratulations to:
Miss France - Fleur Dilly - Winner QWU 2010
Miss Jamaica - Marie Jo'Anna - Runner Up QWU 2010

Special awards this year were presented to:
Miss Narnia, Fawn A Kate (Miss MSD Personality 2010
Mr Huge Jorgan (Mr Puregaynz.com 2010)
Miss France, Fleur Dilly (Miss IBM Pins & Needles 2010)

12 November 2010 - The Queen's Increase their Positive Donation in 2010
Since Queen of the Whole Universe started in 2004 the show had raised over $145,000 for
HIV/AIDS causes in New Zealand, it has just been announced that with the proceeds from
the 2010 show this figure has now increased to $170,000.

This year $35,000 gross was raised, QWU Charitable Trust will donate $7,700.00 (gross) to
each of the three chosen charities - Body Positive, Positive Women, NZAF (Positive
Health), the remaining dollars will be used as seeding money for the Wellington tour in
March 2011.

Jonathan Smith the creative director of QWU states "In this present economic environment
it has become extremely difficult obtaining financial sponsorship thus the risk of staging a
stage of this magnitude is very high. But we did it - we presented another fabulous event -
the 8th show was a huge success. I am very proud that we have managed to achieve the
three outcomes of QWU":

Those outcomes are:
- To Raise funds for HIV/AIDS Charities in New Zealand in order to help develop, better and
improve the wellbeing of HIV positive people living in New Zealand.
- Offer a supportive artistic environment to the GLBTT community
- Engage and up-skill individuals in the world of theatre as a cast or crew member.

Jonathan Smith would also like to "thank our sponsors, key stakeholders, the judges, guest
performers and the volunteer cast and crew of over a 100 people and our audience for
supporting us once again".

07 June 2010 - Next Shows Confirmed, Head Judge confirmed and Trust Established
QWU 2011 Wellington and Auckland show dates now confirmed. Click on the show dates icon.
QWU Charitable Trust has been established to assist with funding applications and allocation of
money raised.
Carmen confirmed as guest judge for the Auckland 06 Nov 2010 show.

Dec 2009 - QWU breaks it's own world record - Guinness World Record confirmed
Advise was received today that QWU 2009 broke it's own Guinness World Record
Quote: The largest drag queen stage show is the QWU 2009 which consisted of 34 men
performing at the Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand, on Saturday 27 June 2009

But watch this space as we think we broke our own world record in Wellington on 27 June
2009 when 35 men performed on stage - subject to confirmation.

30 June 2009 - Congratulations and Thank You
QWU would like to say a huge thank you to our many sponsors, cast and crew and our
audience for supporting this year's Queen of the Whole Universe, our first production in
Wellington. Without this support it would be impossible to bring to the stage what has
become a highlight on the 'queer' event calendar.

A night of sequin, glitter, high camp humour, mosaic colours and dubious fashion saw the
crowning of Miss OZ, Barbi Prawne as the overall winner, closely followed by Miss Japan,
Kitty Tammy-Gucci placed 2nd. Miss England, Annette Curtain was awarded 3rd place. Act
two finalists also included Miss Teen Black America, Little Afro Bush and Miss Canada,
Wantsa Pocha. Head judge, Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast said it was a very difficult
decision as the standard of all five act two girls was very high.

Special awards this year were presented to:
Miss Zambia, Victoria Falls (Miss Durex Pleasuremax 2009 - best headgear), Miss Venus,
Venerea (Miss MSD Beauty with a Purpose 2009) and Leather Man 8, James Bondage aka
Nemo (Mr Butch 2009).

Jonathan Smith - Creative Director

Queens and Record Breakers of the Whole Universe!
The Guinness World Record for "Largest Drag Queen Stage Show" was broken on Saturday
evening, over $45,000 was raised for HIV charities and Queen of the Whole Universe 2008
was crowned! The Guinness World record stood at 25 drag queens on a stage in New York
in 2005, on Saturday night in Auckland QWU smashed the record with 31 men dressed in

Miss Transylvania, Nora Vein (Steve Lawrence) was officially crowned as Queen of the
Whole Universe 2008. Head judge, Ali Mau described the decision "as extremely difficult"
as the standard of the six finalists was so high. Miss Japan, Kitty Tammy-Gucci (Andrae
Fassler) finished in second pace while Ms. Barby Prawne (Owen Anderson) attained third
place for Australia.

Miss Garden of Eden, Eve O'llusion (Christian Rangi) picked up Miss Durex Personality, Mr
MSD Personality was awarded to Terry Towelling (Ronnie Nrew) while Miss Easter Island's,
Rosa Res-Erection (Alister Hartstonge) and her incredible headgear picked up the Miss
Team Maddison Duplication award.

The real winners of the night were the three charities who benefit from the money raised;
New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Positive Women and Body Positive...

The Queen of the Whole Universe organizers extend their many thanks to the cast and
crew for their support, energy, dedication and commitment to the show, to the staff at THE
EDGE for their role in helping grow the event even more this year.

A special thanks is extended to the many sponsors involved; without their financial and
product/services support we would not be able to create this show and raise the much
needed funds.

Queen of the Whole Universe winners in full:
Queen of the Whole Universe 2008: Miss Transylvania - Nora Vein (Steve Lawrence)
Runner up: Miss Japan - Kitty Tammy-Gucci (Andrae Fassler)
Second runner up: Miss Australia - Ms. Barby Prawne (Owen Anderson)
(Finalists included Miss Canada, Miss England and Miss Italy)
Miss Durex Personality: Miss Garden of Eden - Eve O'llusion (Christian Rangi)
Mr MSD Personality: QWU Boy #1 - Terry Towelling (Ronnie New)
Miss Team Maddison Duplication: Miss Easter Island - Rosa Res-Erection (Alister

14 July 2008 - QWU featured in American Out Traveler Magazine
Exciting news as QWU is featured in the prestigious American Out Traveler Magazine. Each
issue the quaterly glossy magazine features six 'Posh Happenings' from around the world.
QWU is listed as one of the top 6. For more infromation refer to their website

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